Basic Adult Literacy

Students in this program are adult English speakers who read below an 8th grade level and have practical goals that may include getting a job, earning a driver’s license, or helping their children with homework. A long-term goal might be to earn a high school equivalency degree (GED).

Adult Literacy meets across the Vail Valley and numerous days throughout the week. To learn more about this program, contact your location coordinator for more info.

Sloan Munter
Vail, Avon, and Edwards Program Coordinator

Sonia Mejia
Eagle and Gypsum Program Coordinator

Study Friends

The Study Friends program is designed to help middle school students improve their reading, writing, math, and homework skills by pairing them with a trained adult volunteer tutor. The students are usually referred to the program by their student counselor or teacher.

Study Friends is a program that matches volunteer tutors with middle school students who need help with their schoolwork. The volunteer tutors meet with students for 1-2 hours each week (excluding school holidays), to help students with their homework.

Study Friends help students’ communicate with teachers and raise confidence in the classroom. The Literacy Project matches students and tutors based on their schedules, interests and needs.

Below is the teacher referral form that is required in order to qualify for the Study Friends program. The form can be completed using the online form or by downloading the PDF.

Study Friends Referral (Online Form)
Study Friends Referral Form (Downloadable PDF)

Study Friends Contract

Study Friends Contract (English)

Study Friends Contract (Spanish)

Power School

Eagle County Schools



Math Tutorial

A weekly math tutorial is offered at the Avon and Gypsum Libraries for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in need of assistance in mathematics. Students need to complete the Study Friends Teacher Referral Form, and schedule a meeting with the program coordinator to become eligible for the math tutorial.

The weekly math classes meet at the following times and locations:

At the Avon Library, Tuesdays, 4:30 to 5:30pm
At the Gypsum Library, Wednesdays, 4:15pm to 5:45pm
The teacher referral form is required before you can attend the math class.

Study Friends Referral (Online Form)
Study Friends Referral Form (Downloadable PDF)